Network Charter School

Le Petit Gourmet

Culinary Arts Program
2550 Portland St.
Eugene, OR 97405
(541) 525-1924


Our goal is to offer students an intensive course of study in the Culinary Arts. This program serves the student who hopes to continue into a college level program of culinary arts after graduation, as well as the student who hopes to get a head start in the food service job market.

At the Le Petit Gourmet Culinary Arts Program, we recognize that each student has a unique style of learning. Our program is designed for the student ready to push beyond the four walls of the traditional classroom.


Le Petit Gourmet Bakery was founded in 1985. We were originally located in the Oasis Market on Willamette Street. After fifteen years of running a bakery, Domenica Stewart, the owner of Le Petit Gourmet, decided that educating children was a goal nearer to her heart.

Le Petit Gourmet Culinary Arts is now a program of the Network Charter School. The Network Charter School program offers English/Language Arts, foreign language, social studies, acting, music, and Restaurant Baking classes with a culinary arts component. Our Restaurant Baking Class is also a College Now course.

Though Le Petit Gourmet continues to sell bakery products to the Eugene community, the production of inspired, competent students is the achievement of which we are most proud.

Program Set-UP / Course Offerings

Our course study is hands-on. Students receive invaluable job skills as well as life skills.

For the non-traditional student we offer a unique opportunity to explore and excel in non-academic areas of interest in conjunction with academic requirements. This balanced approach to education re-engages the student who is at risk of disengaging from the educational process.

Courses offered are listed under the "Course Catalog" Tab.