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Main Campus:


Listed below are email addresses for NCS teachers, staff, and board.


Amber Carrell:

Billy Hughes:

Breckon Neat:

Dena Stewart:,

Denise Velasco:

Evan Woodward:

Jami Teran:

Janet Steiger Carr:

Josh Livie:


Mary Leighton:

Michelle McLaughlin:

Oliver Dains:

Perry Joseph:

Steve Saltekoff:

Tanna Konemann:

Tom Coppolino:

Wendy McKenzie:


Ame Beard (Executive Director):

Sharla Gilliam (Student Services)

Karen Oliver (Registrar):

Rebecca Daniels (Finance):


Board of Directors

Bob Barnard, Chair:

Joyce Benjamin, Vice Chair:

Molly Stafford, Secretary:

Wendy McKenzie:

Roz Stein:

Wendy Wheeler Coltrane:

Quincy O'Toole:

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Contact NCS:

2550 Portland St.

Eugene, OR 97405

(541) 344-1229


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