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Our school is built around incorporating students into social and institutional networks in their community. Coordinated by our central administrative office, our member organizations teach classes at a central campus and locations throughout Eugene, to which students travel by bike or city bus. Our class offerings are determined both by what students need to meet their educational goals and by the particular focus of the member organization designing each class.

Each member organization finds qualified individuals to design and teach classes in the subject areas that organization specializes in. While each M.O. teaches classes in their particular area of focus, we work together to design a full course schedule that will allow our students to meet their curricular needs and achieve state requirements for a regular high school diploma.

Below is a brief description of member organizations' areas of expertise. For more detailed information about an organization see 'Partners' in the navigation menu. To see a full list of classes taught by an organization simply click on its name or click on 'Full Class List' located on the bottom of this page for a list of all classes taught at NCS.

Le Petit Gourmet
Culinary, History, Theater, Music, Language Arts

Art, Social Studies

Nearby Nature
Biology, Science, Math, Physical Education, Language Arts

Peace Village
Social Studies, Language Arts, Foreign Language



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