Network Charter School

Have you ever wondered what Network Charter School is all about? Are you looking for a school that can give your child a safe and secure place to thrive? Watch  this movie clip and find out how your child's life can change forever- for the better!
Amazing gourmet, healthy food prepared every day by and for teenagers? Watch the clip below to learn why our students can never get out of cooking dinner again after their NCS education.


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Come to our

Open House February 26, 5-7pm

There will be  food, info booths,

and sign up for the lottery.

We are accepting applications

for next school year.

Our deadline for applications is

March 14th.

Our lottery will be held at

10:00 on March 20th for the

2014/5 school year.



Snow make-up days

are as follows:

Monday, March 31st, and

Wednesday, June 18th



Contact NCS:

2550 Portland St.

Eugene, OR 97405

(541) 344-1229


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