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Our main campus at 2550 Portland, one block west of Willamette.  We offer up to 6 courses a period on this campus.  In addition, students still take courses at MECCA and Peace Village classrooms downtown and in the yurt at Alton Baker Park.

Enrollment for students in grades 7-12 is currently open for the 2012-13 school year.  If you are interested in enrolling at NCS, you can contact the office to receive an enrollment packet by calling (541) 344-1229 or emailing  You may also call with any additional questions you have. 

Fees have become a sad fact of life in all public schools, and NCS is no different.  At registration, prepare to be asked for a contribution of $75 for supplies and special fees for certain courses.  We do not issue a "must have" schoolwide supply list, choosing instead to keep our requirements simple and lay in a vast store of paper, pencils, and other tools of learning at the beginning of the year, distributing them as needed.  Most courses with special fees have unusual materials needs.  For example, in culinary class, students learn to cook many different foods and then they eat them.  Note that culinary students cook (and eat) breakfast and lunch for the whole school every day, but they also cook special foods that are part of their curriculum, not the meals program, and fees pay for the special foods. By the time they finish, culinary students are well fed experts in preparing multi-course meals.  In the fishing course, students' fees pay for licenses.  Every student is admitted to NCS and enrolled in courses regardless of ability to pay.  But we urge all families to pay what they can, sharing the burden of expenses in these hard times.

Because teaching sustainable life choices is part of the mission of Network Charter School, we encourage all students to travel by foot, bike, or LTD bus.  We can provide bus passes to all students through a special arrangement with LTD, but we strongly urge all families to contribute to the cost of these passes, which is about $17 per quarter or $50 for the whole year.

At enrollment, our first concern is to provide each student with the educational experience that will be most personally rewarding while at the same time meeting state middle and high school standards.  We do fundraising to fill in the gaps between what we receive from public funding and parent contributions, on one hand, and what it costs to provide a comprehensive, responsive educational program, on the other.


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