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Fall 2013

Remember that your academic needs receive top priority in final schedule approval.  Course offerings, instructors, and credits may change or be cancelled without notice due to unforeseen circumstances.  We do not guarantee your first choices, but do our best to respect your preferences in scheduling.   Please note that some courses have fees.    This year, we are offering more split classes that are 1.5 hours long instead of 3 hours.  Please review your registration sheet so that you understand exactly what you are signing up for.  Except in math, middle school students do not earn high school credit.                


   Le Petit Gourmet Culinary Arts Program  


Culinary I, II & III*

Instructor: Evan Woodward                             Grades 7 - 12

MWF Class:  In this course, the focus is on production. You will learn how to work as a team to produce meals with multiple courses, ready to serve at the same time.  You will also plan and produce all holiday feast meals and any other special events.  You will be expected to learn how to copy recipes, use simple math to convert recipe yields, and spend time in the garden to learn how to produce food.

Tu/Thur Class:  You will learn how to prepare an assortment of tasty meals. You will also learn food and kitchen safety. This course is designed to give you the introductory knowledge to pursue further culinary study and get an entry level job in the culinary field.  You will also spend time in the garden learning how to grow your own food. 

Credit Area:  Art                                

Time offered:  MWF am   (Portland Street) grades 7 – 12 (1.0 or .5 art per semester)

                         T/Th am  (Portland Street) grades 7 – 12 (.8 per semester)

*There is a $50 per semester materials fee for culinary courses, to cover costs of foods that are part of the cooking skills curriculum but not part of the food service program.


It’s Only Rock n’ Roll

Grades 9 - 12

Instructor: Jesse Lawton

The Rolling Stones said, “I know it’s only Rock N’ Roll but I like it.”  In this course we will examine Rock N’ Roll all sorts of ways and figure out why we like it.  Then we will look at the history of a variety of different musical forms and the cultures from which they came.  We will examine writings about or inspired by music.  We will study music itself to understand its language on multiple levels.  Furthermore, we’ll learn how to play guitar.  No prior experience is needed.  Whether you are a beginner and intermediate student, you are welcome to come learn how to express yourself on the acoustic guitar. (Guitars are provided.)

Credits:  .6 Language Arts & .2 Elective per semester

Time offered: T/Th am (Portland Street)

It’s the End of the World as We Know It 

Instructors:  Jesse Lawton                                Grades 7-12

A lot has happened since the first humans crossed the Bering Land Bridge into North America—good things, bad things, and world changing things. This year- long class will study the major turning points in American history by examining the art and artifacts that the people who came before us left behind. During the first semester we’ll study the first people to live here, the events leading up to the American Revolution, the Constitution, the Civil War, the frontier, and the struggles to achieve class, ethnic, racial, and gender equality.

Credits:  .25 Language Arts & .25 Social Studies per semester.

Note: This course is split into 90-minute sections, one for middle school and one for high school.

Time offered: MWF am (Portland Street)


Java Scripting; Computer  Programming

Grades 10 – 12

Instructor:  Oliver Dain

Write computer programs and make your ideas a working reality! Programming is a fun, creative process that hones logical thinking skills.  You will learn how the World Wide Web functions, how web pages are created, and how to write programs that make a computer do just about anything you can dream up.

Credits: .4 Elective per semester

Time offered: T/Th pm, part 2. Note: this course is open to students who are in online learning for the first half of the period.


On Line Learning Lab

Instructor:  Josh Livie                                                        Grades 10 – 12

You will explore new areas of study, work on credit recovery, or prepare to pass the GED tests using Odysseyware. You may take courses that are not usually available at NCS.

Credits:  The more units of study you complete successfully, the more credit you can earn.  Attendance is required during class sessions; you are encouraged to work outside of school hours to accelerate the pace of your learning.

Time offered:  T/Th pm


Play Building and Acting I, II, & III

Grades 7 - 12

Instructor: Janet Steiger Carr

In this class we will present two performances – one possibly a full production of The Haunting of Hathaway House (although we may decide to do another piece when we start in the fall) and the other a Radio Theatre style-piece that the actors and director will decide on at a later time.  We may end up writing a radio play of our own, as a sequel to All the Doctors of Our Lives, or simply find a script that we all want to perform at the end of the term in January.  The first production will be performed before winter break in the NCS Off Broadway Theatre with costumes, lights, and sound as appropriate.  Memorization will be necessary for this production, but there will be parts of all sizes available.  Memorization for the Radio Play is not necessary, but you will have to write scenes or commercials in the era/style of the play.  You will also watch several videos made in the style of the play(s) and discuss various elements needed to capture the time frame in their own piece.  You will learn how to become an ensemble while exploring the basics of improvisation, acting technique, vocal projection, character building, communication, character makeup, costuming, set design, Foley art, and directing. The play(s) will be presented on an evening to be decided toward the end of the term.  Actors will help to make flyers and posters and learn the different aspects of theatrical business skills.  The course is taught by professional actress, director, acting coach, and award winning playwright Janet Steiger Carr. 

Important note: You must be present at performances to pass this course.    

Credits: .4 Language Arts & .4 Art per semester

Time offered:  T/Th pm (Portland St)


Professional Baking

Instructor:  Dena Stewart                                                  Grades 10 – 12

In this class you will learn to bake breads, cakes, and pastries in a professional atmosphere.  If you take this class, you’ll be expected to treat it like a job.  We will be looking for a retail outlet for our products, so pricing and marketing will be included in the class.  This class will offer College Now credit for students who are interested and who complete the extra curriculum. 

Credit: .8 Art per semester

Time offered:  T/Th pm  $90.00 Fee


Spanish (multi-level) I, II & III

Instructor:  Michelle McLaughlin                                     Grades: 7 - 12

In this course, you will learn how to read, write, speak, and listen in Spanish.  Activities will include lectures, written exercises, films, games, conversations, and field trips designed to promote learning at every level of proficiency. Credit by level will be awarded according to the results of individual assessments at the end of each quarter.

Credits: .8 Spanish I, II, III, or IV      (Foreign Language) per semester

Time offered: T/Th am (Portland St)


Welcome to the Jungle

Instructors:  Jesse Lawton                                                Grades 7 – 9         

The literature half of this class is designed to help you become clearer thinkers through reading and writing.  You will hone your skills as readers, writers, and thinkers.  You will study a variety of essays, stories, and poems to discover what makes each form unique and special. 

Credits: .5 Language Arts per semester

Time offered: MWF pm (Portland Street) part 2


Witches Brew/Japan

Instructor:  Josh Livie                                                        Grades 10 - 12

From the earliest pottery in the world to modern-day anime, Japan is one of the most interesting places in the world. This course will examine the fascinating history of Japan, with emphasis on the development of the culture of the archipelago. We will investigate the Ainu, who were the first people of Japan; the Shinto and Buddhist religion influences; the evolution of the Samurai; and the ways Chinese and western contacts affected and changed Japan. We will see the roots of modern Japan developing out of the Meiji Restoration through the dramatic changes in Japan after World War II. This course will also emphasize the importance Japanese art forms like haiku, calligraphy, pottery, sword making, etc.  

Credits:  .4 Language Arts & .4 Social Studies per semester

Time offered:  T/Th am (Portland Street)


Word to the Wise

Instructor:  Jesse Lawton                                  Grades 10 - 12

Words carry awesome powers.  Think about it—the right (or wrong) word can help you make a friend or create an enemy.  Words can start a riot or build a revolution.  Words can entertain, enlighten, annoy or irritate.  In this course, you will discover how to harness the power of words by studying masters of writing to see what makes them so effective.  Then you will explore your own voice and learn how to make words work for you.  This section of Word to the Wise will focus on college prep writing.

Credits: .5 Language Arts per semester

Time offered: MWF pm (Portland Street) part 1


World Cultures

Grades 7 - 12

Instructor:  Josh Livie

In this class we will examine modern cultures from around the world. We will investigate the religion, art, customs, and interesting events from the past that have shaped other cultures.  You will gain an understanding of cultures from other parts of the world through extended projects to deepen your experience in the class. We will begin by looking at the culture of Egypt.  You will participate in choosing some of the cultures studied in the class.

Credits:  .3 Social Studies and .2 Language Arts

Time offered: MWF am (Portland St); grades 7-9 part 1; grades 9-12 part 2.


    M.E.C.C.A.: Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts

                                  449 Willamette Street


Ancient Artyfacts

Instructor: Perry Joseph                            Grades 7 - 9

Ancient Artyfacts will explore ancient cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, and China through the art they created.  The ideas, motifs and problems we discuss will inform hands-on art projects.  Through drawing, painting, ceramics, paper mache sculpture, and printmaking projects, you will learn how and why artists of today refer to the past for concepts and inspiration and gain an appreciation for exciting cultures of the world’s ancient, mysterious past.

Credit: . Art per semester.  This class is paired with PeaceOut 1; part 1 or 2.

Time offered: T/Th am (449 Willamette St.- MECCA)



Microcosmic Mojo             

Instructor:  Perry Joseph                              Grades 7 - 12

Study microbiology through scientific drawing!  Topics include the nature of matter, bonding, cell types, cell structure, taxonomy, microorganisms, and viruses.  You will learn to read and use the periodic table of elements, balance chemical equations, and render the organic shapes and textures found in microscopic life forms.  All work and drawings will be completed in a hand-bound scientific journal.

Credit:  .4 Art and .4 Science per semester

Time offered:  T/Th pm  (449 Willamette St. - MECCA)


The Matrix:  I & II

(Prerequisite:  Art 1 or instructor approval)

Instructor:  Perry Joseph                                   Grades 9- 12

Explore four exciting printmaking techniques: woodcut, collagraph, monotype, and linocut.  Printmaking is a great way to make multiples of your artwork to sell and give away as gifts, and still have some to keep for yourself to show off and brag about.  Each technique has its own unique qualities that cannot be duplicated in any other medium.  If you are taking the second level of instruction, you will learn advanced techniques of reduction and multiple block registration.

Credit:  1.0 Art per semester

Time offered:  MWF pm (449 Willamette Street - MECCA)



    Nearby Nature


Algebra is Not Just for College (Algebra 1)

Instructor:  Denise Velasco                                Grades 7 – 12

What does the Little Mermaid wear? An algae bra. You may not realize it, but you are using Algebra all the time to solve everyday problems. When you drive a car and calculate how much gas you need to go the distance or work out the volume in a milk container, you use algebra. When you are choosing the cell phone provider that gives the best contracts and figuring out what type of vehicle to buy, you use algebra to identify the best one. Some topics you will cover are integers, rational numbers, solving equations, percent of change, functions, and slope.  This course counts toward graduation requirements.

This is a one-year course, but students may enter mid-year.

Credits: 0.5 Math per semester

Time offered:  MWF am part 1 & MWF pm part 2


Algebra 1.5

Instructor:  Tom Coppolino                                Grades 7 – 12

In Algebra 1.5, you will develop a better understanding of Algebra 1 level mathematical concepts and their practical applications. You will learn about functions and graphs, linear equations, powers and roots, polynomials, factoring, and quadratic and exponential functions. When you complete this course, you will be able to appreciate mathematical concepts, enjoy problem solving, and communicate skills with Algebra vocabulary.

This is a one-year course, but students may enter mid-year.
Credits: 0.5 Math per semester

Time offered: MWF am part 1 & MWF pm part 2



Elemental Earth

Instructor:  Wendy McKenzie                           Grades 7 – 9

In this course you will study Earth Science through playing with water, earth, fire, and air.  This project-based class will explore how the universe works, and hopefully it will inspire more questions than it answers.  You will learn about topics like geology, meteorology, astronomy, and hydrology, while conducting research and building projects.

Credit:  0.8 Science

Students can also earn up to 0.2 credit in PE for biking or walking to the yurt, if they do it every day for the whole semester.

Time offered:  MWF pm



Instructor:  Breckon Neat                                   Grades 9 - 12

Geometry is a foundation of modern science. It gives both a framework for understanding spatial relations and the vocabulary necessary for deduction and logical reasoning. In this course we will cover advanced topics in both Euclidean and analytic geometry, as well as get an introduction to formal logic and proofs. Topics are chosen to help you meet Oregon's educational standards but with a focus on revealing the connections between geometric and algebraic reasoning. This course counts toward graduation requirements in math.

This is a one year course, but students may enter mid-year.

Credits: 0.5 Math

Time offered: MWF pm


Health Esteem

Grades 7-9

Instructor: Denise Velasco

This course is designed to help you familiarize yourself with the wellness issues you will encounter during your middle school years. You will take an active roll in protecting, maintaining, and improving your health. It is designed to provide knowledge and experiences that will enable you to make choices having a positive impact on your health. Units covered include STI', AIDS, nutrition, alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, communicable diseases, tobacco, body systems, and fitness.

Credit:  .5 Health

Time offered: MWF am


Independent Living (diploma/graduation requirement)

Instructor: Denise Velasco                                 Grades 11& 12 (minimum age 16)

The big world beyond school awaits, and one day you’ll need to manage your own affairs and learn how to make it on your own. In this course, you’ll take on topics like applying for a job, interviewing effectively, finding a place to live, managing a bank account, shopping for a loan or mortgage, and creating a budget. You will conduct in-depth career research, as part of new diploma requirements. This course will entail applying detailed written and communication skills and engaging in 40-hour internship in a field of career interest. You must pass this class in order to graduate.

This is a one semester course.

Credits:  0.8 Elective per semester (Career Development/Grad Requirement.)

Time offered: T/Th pm


Life in Pre-Algebra

Instructor:  Denise Velasco                                Grades 7 – 12

Decimals, Fractions, percents. oh my! PreAlgebra is a course between arithmetic and Algebra. Pre Algebraic concepts come in handy even in real life. They help you calculate bills, order food, and complete other routine tasks. Some of the topics we will cover are integers, the distributive property, solving equations, writing equations, powers, and exponents.

This is a one-year course, but students may enter mid-year.

Credits: 0.5 Math per semester

Time offered:  MWF am part 1 & MWF pm part 2


Reading the Woods 1

Instructor:  Wendy McKenzie                           Grades 10-12

Reading the Woods is an exploration of science and literature focusing on animals and humans and the animals within us.  You will learn to read the flora and fauna of our local environment, while discovering nature through literature.  Fall topics include our senses and perception, The Metamorphosis, and wolves v. scientists. 

Credits: 0.4 Science, 0.4 Language Arts per semester

Time offered: T/Th pm (at main campus)


Sexuality Matters

Instructor: Denise Velasco                                 Grades 9-12

Sexuality is a part of everyone’s lives. This course takes a comprehensive approach to increase your knowledge, build your communication skills, help clarify your personal values, and dispel misconceptions regarding sexuality and relationships. Sexuality is an integral and essential component of human health. The curriculum also covers strategies for avoiding diseases and unwanted pregnancy. When you are comfortable with your own sexuality and can effectively communicate about and advocate for your needs, you are more likely to make informed and healthy decisions.

Credits: 0.5 Health per semester

Time offered: MWF pm part 2



Survival 1, 2 & 3

Instructor: William Hughes                                Grades 7 – 12

This course will enhance your skills in both wilderness and urban survival. You will demonstrate the ability to create a shelter out of raw materials in the urban forest of Alton Baker Park. In this course, you will also read about survival situations, write journal entries, view documentaries, and practice survival tactics such as creating fire in wet conditions, recognizing signs of hypothermia, and using proper rescue protocols.  The urban survival portion of the class consists of identifying food and shelter resources within the Eugene community.

Credits: 0.4 P.E. and 0.4 Elective (0.8 total)

Time offered: T/Th am


The Hidden Forest

Instructor:  Wendy McKenzie                           Grades 10 - 12

From underground to the treetops, you will explore the flora and fauna of the woods.  This forest ecology class will explore the webs of the forests of the northwest.  Projects for the class will include habitat restoration and invasive plant removal. In this class you must be prepared for regular outdoor work, hiking, and biking in all weather.

Credit: 0.8 Biology per semester, 0.2 Elective

Students can also earn up to 0.2 credit in PE for biking or walking to the yurt, if they do it every day for the whole semester.

Time offered: MWF am


Ultimate Frisbee

Instructor:  William (Billy) Hughes                   Grades 7 - 12

This course will focus on the game of Ultimate Frisbee.  You will develop and enhance your disc skills on the field.  You will learn the structure of the game, rules, throwing the disc, catching the disc, and catching on the run.  You will also learn team sportsmanship and leadership skills.  This is a very physically demanding class. We will be running games the majority of the class time.

Credits: 0.5 PE

Time offered: MWF pm part 1


Urban Ecology 1, 2 & 3    

Instructor:  William (Billy) Hughes                   Grades 7-12

Take a whole systems approach to life and help create a healthier way of living in Lane County.  As a student of urban ecology, you will work side by side with Walama Restoration Project, Nearby Nature, City of Eugene, and Food for Lane County’s Grassroots Garden. Through these unique experiences, you will play a major role in the future of our community.  The coursework will consist of lecture, discussions, journal entries, community presenters, films, and hands-on projects. This class is designed for motivated students who are interested in exploring and restoring the ecology of our urban setting.

Urban Ecology Internship will be based on community enhancement projects, working with local community members and/or community organizations.  This is a very active course in the Eugene community. Prerequisite: Urban Ecology and permission from the instructor/administrator.

These are offered at the same time, but students who have completed two semesters of the course will pursue their interests further.

Credits: 0.4 P.E., 0.2 Health and 0.2 Elective

Time offered: T/Th pm



   Peace Village

PeaceOut 1

Instructor:  Jami Teran                       Grades 7 – 9

PeaceOut 1 is an interactive, dynamic course that focuses on increasing understanding of the concept of Peace from as many angles as possible.   You’ll learn from local spiritual teachers from many different faith traditions, including Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Native American, and Hindu, to see what these religions have to say about peace.  You’ll learn concrete conflict resolution skills to be able to deal with conflict in your daily lives in a positive way and team-building techniques to learn how to work well and communicate with other people.  You’ll study media literacy and nutrition to figure out how your physical and mental diets affect your level of personal peace.  You’ll explore different ways of accessing that personal peace through movement practices like yoga, tai-chi, meditation, and dance.  And finally, you’ll study political peace movements, questioning their tenets, their motives, and their means in achieving peace.

Credit:   .2 Language Art and .2 PE per semester

Time offered: T/Th am  (Peace Village) This class is paired with Ancient ArtyFacts at MECCA.  Part 1 or 2.


PeaceOut 2

Instructor:  Jami Teran                           Grades 10 - 12

PeaceOut 2 is an in-depth study of the nature of peace and conflict in human societies. In addition to studying the theories regarding peace and conflict from primary historical and religious texts, you will learn practical methods of conflict resolution to apply to your own lives, and multicultural methods of experiencing peace in the everyday.  The six units of PeaceOut 2 are structured progressively around the archetype of the Hero’s Journey, in Joseph Campbell’s words, or the Shamanic Journey, according to indigenous cultures all over the world.  Each week adds a dimension to the material covered in previous weeks, so that the whole course is comprehensive and cumulative, blending experiential responsibility for peace in their own lives and community.  Each unit includes interpersonal activities, theoretical discussions of abstract political and social issues, and skills development in the areas of critical thinking, medial literacy, writing, verbal debate, and conflict resolution.

Credits:  .8 Language Arts and .2 Elective

Time offered:  MWF am (Peace Village)



Instructor: David Maloney (Many Hands)   Grades 10 – 12

Joseph Campbell described the beginning of the Hero's Journey as a Call to Adventure -- a calls that beckons each of us toward an experience that extends us beyond our level of comfort and current understanding. In the Walkabout, the Australian aboriginals considered it vital to step out of the everyday life patterns to see the world in a different way and to immerse themselves in new experiences, connecting with the world that surrounds them. In this course, we will pursue alternative methods of connecting to the world around us by expanding our self-awareness and practicing presence through different meditations, drumming, art, and exploring outside in the thick of it. We will learn what it means to track, to truly track ourselves and develop ourselves. We’ll learn from traditional cultures how this rite of passage occurs around the world. Local Native American spiritual teachers and influential community members will share their guidance on how to come of age and navigate the modern world. Participants will continue their explorations, deepen their connections to the natural world, spend time alone in nature, and participate in spontaneous art projects and talking circles. In the circle, people talk about their lives, their fears, their hopes and struggles. Though we certainly show compassion and concern for each other, it is generally acknowledged that a person's work is their own. We are not here to solve each other's problems, but to provide the caring environment where everyone can explore the sacred in the ways they need to, so they can find their own solutions and create their own change. This is a yearlong course with the focus first semester focusing on tracking within the city limits while the second semester will dive deeper into the heart of nature. “It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

Credit Area:  .5 Health and .5 PE per semester

Time offered: MWF pm  (Peace Village)





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