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Example Course Catalog

Winter/Spring 2015

Remember that your academic needs receive top priority in final schedule approval. Course offerings, instructors, and credits may change or be cancelled without notice due to unforeseen circumstances. We do not guarantee your first choices, but do our best to respect your preferences in scheduling. Some classes run 3 hours and other run 90 minutes, two per 3-hour slot. Scholarships are available by pre-arrangement for families unable to pay fees. Please review your registration sheet so that you understand exactly what you are signing up for. Credit distribution per class is subject to change at the end of a quarter, so your schedule may be adjusted then to meet your graduation needs.

Le Petit Gourmet Culinary Arts Program

Main Site: 2550 Portland Street

Culinary I, II & III
Evan Woodward
In this course, the focus is on production. Students will learn how to work as a team to produce meals with multiple courses, ready to serve at the same time. Students will also plan and produce all holiday feasts and other special events. They will be expected to learn how to copy recipes and use simple math to convert recipe yields and will also be spending time in the garden to learn how to produce food.
1.0 Elective per semester for MWF classes and .8 Elective for Tu/Thur classes (16908 Restaurant, Food, and Beverage Services-Workplace Experience)
MWF am, 3 hour class (Portland Street)
Tu/Thur am, 3 hour class (Portland Street)
$50 per semester
Theatre History and Advanced Play Production
Janet Steiger Carr
Class will study the theatre of ancient Greece and Rome, as well as the beginning of improvisational theatre in the incredibly popular Italian Commedia del Arte. We will also study playwrights of Elizabethan England and the Renaissance as we rehearse and then perform the wonderful Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare. Performance will take place in the Churchill theatre (probably on the Tuesday after the Memorial Day weekend). Parts vary in size and complexity, so beginning and advanced actors are welcome. Students wanting to serve as backstage crew and rehearsal assistants should contact teacher. Participation in performance is mandatory for earning a passing grade. Middle School Codes: #51999 English Language and Literature - Other #55999 Fine and Performing Arts - Other
TTh PM, 3 hour class (Portland Street)
.4 Language Arts (#01061 Literature of a Genre) and .4 Performing Art (+05054 Exploration in Drama)
Online Learning Lab
Josh Livie
This class allows students the opportunity to study at their own pace to make up credits in any academic area. Students also have the opportunity to take electives and other classes that may not be offered at our school. Attendance is required at the assigned time, but students can accelerate their pace by working outside of class. Check for a full list of options.
Variable-based on the completion of work
TTh PM 3 hour class (Portland Street)
$40 deposit for first course enrollment
Spanish (multi-level) I, II, & III (Portland Street)
Michelle McLaughlin
In this course, you will learn how to read, write, speak, and listen in Spanish. Activities will include lectures, written exercises, films, games, conversations, and field trips designed to promote learning at every level of proficiency. Credit by level will be awarded according to the results of individual assessments at the end of each quarter.
.8 Foreign Language credit (Spanish I #06101), (Spanish II #06102), (Spanish III #06103)
TTh AM, 3 hour class (Portland St)
Radicals, Revolutions, and Countercultural Movements
Amber Carrell
World History presented through the lens of paradigm-shifting ideas and the individuals. In this course we will look at the people, movements, and thought that have forever change the trajectory of human history. The radical thought that helped to spark revolutionary movements will be examined through various the philosophies such as: humanism, Marxism, feminism, and anarchism. We will learn the histories of the individuals and groups who spawned countercultural movements like the movements of Spartacus, Gandhi, The Decembrists, Nelson Mandela, organized labor, and the Beats of the 1960s. Additionally, the class will survey general history through the world revolutions that shaped it, including but not limited to: the Protestant Reformation, The Age of Revolutions, Russian Revolution, and Cuban Revolution.
MWF AM 2, 90 minute class (Portland Street)
.25 Social Studies (#04062) per semester, .25 Language Arts per semester (#01053) (Portland Street)
Myths and Legends of the Ancient World (Continued)
Amber Carrell
This course offers historical and literary journey into the values, traditions, geography, religions, and culture of ancient world culture through legends and myths. We will read and interpret the creation myths from the ancient cultures of the Sumerians, Korea, Chinese, Greeks and Romans to extract knowledge about each culture. Students continue on to connect shared myths and ancient epics that encompass and define much of the religion, values, and traditions that shape the ancient and modern world.
TTh AM, 3 hours (Portland Street)
.4 Language Arts (#04058) and .4 Social Studies per semester (#01051) (Portland Street)
An Imperial History of the World (Continued)
Amber Carrell
An Imperial History of the World looks at imperialism in its many forms. The focus ranges from Byzantium in the Middle Ages into the Ottoman, Mongolian, and Russian empires, and reaches into the age of exploration with the British, French, Dutch, Zulu, and Spanish Empires. Through the evaluation of primary and secondary sources, students will study and interpret the culture, religions, goals, and military movements of each empire when determining the history of the empire and how its activities shaped the history of the world.
MWF AM 1, 90 minute class (Portland Street)
.25 Social Studies (#04052) per semester, .25 Language Arts per semester (#01053)
Aint I a Woman?
Amber Carrell
What does it mean be a woman? To what extent does society define for women what it means to be “feminine”? How has female identity changed over time and across borders? This class aspires to build a broad understanding of the female experience through the individual voices that have shaped its historical evolution. Throughout the course, we will combine feminist theory with women’s literature from Alice Walker, Sojourner Truth, Abigail Adams, Amy Tan, Sandra Cisneros, Maya Angelou, Fannie Flagg, and many more.
MWF PM 1, 90 minute class (Portland Street)
.5 Language Arts per semester (#01064)
There and Back Again
Amber Carrell
Ready for adventure? Enjoy long quests? Experience fantastical journeys through many of the best story tellers of the past and present. Tour through the ancient world, meeting mythical creatures and heroes of Homer's The Odyssey. Follow a young Vietnamese girl's harrowing journey in The Tale of Kieu. Search on a lifelong quest for the Holy Grail with King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, and finally take a trip to the Egyptian pyramids in search of treasure with a shepherd boy named Santiago. Students will not only adventure with these famous characters but learn the compositional mechanics that help bring these tales to life to create their own epic adventure.
MWF PM 2, 90 minute class (Portland Street)
.5 Language Arts per semester (#01065)

M.E.C.C.A.: Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts

449 Willamette Street

9 - 12
Perry Joseph
Arising simultaneously from the ashes of despair in culturally isolated regions, the fine art of woodcut printmaking is historically tied to eras of human enlightenment in both eastern and western civilizations. Yes…one might say that woodcut saved the world from eternal darkness. Come learn the history and process, including carving and printing techniques, color reduction and multiple block registration, all on a professional grade printing press.
MWF am, 3 hour class (MECCA)
1.0 Printmaking (+05161) per semester
Collagraphy, Monotype, and Linocut 1 & 2
9 - 12
Perry Joseph
Collagraphy (not calligraphy, which is fancy writing) is a versatile printmaking medium that can be printed in a variety of methods, resulting in moody, atmospheric imagery perfect for expressing teen angst and torment. Monotype, another versatile medium, produces more painterly effects in a non-reproducible print. Linocut approximates the process and aesthetic of the legendary medium of woodcut.
TTh PM, 3 hour class (MECCA)
1.0 Printmaking (+05161) per semester
Graphic Art
9 - 12
Perry Joseph
Unlock the secrets of the universe with the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio, create fractals and tessellations like M.C. Escher, and learn to render scenes in 1, 2 and 3 point perspective! This class will introduce you to graphic tools and techniques with fully integrated projects.
.3 Informal Geometry (#02071), .5 Graphic Design (+05162) per semester
TTh AM, 3 hour class (MECCA)

Nearby Nature

Classes vary, see description

Algebra 1.0
7 - 12
Tom Coppolino
In Algebra 1.0, students will develop an introductory understanding of Algebra 1 level mathematical concepts and their practical application. They will learn about Functions and Graphs, Linear Equations, Powers and Roots, and Simplifying and Solving Exponential Expressions. When they complete this course, students will be able to:
  • Appreciate mathematical concepts and enjoy problem solving;
  • Understand introductory Algebra 1 concepts;
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills using accepted Algebra vocabulary; and
  • Demonstrate comprehension and mastery of skills in introductory Algebra 1 level mathematics.
.5 Mathematics credits per semester (#02053 Algebra I – part 1)
MWF AM part 1 & part 2, 90 minutes each class (Portland Steet)
Algebra 1.5
7 - 12
Tom Coppolino and Breckon Neat

In Algebra 1.5, students will develop a better understanding of Algebra 1 level mathematical concepts and their practical application. They will learn about Functions and Graphs, Linear Equations, Powers and Roots, Polynomials, Factoring, and Quadratic and Exponential Functions. When they complete this course, students will be able to:

  • Appreciate mathematical concepts and enjoy problem solving;
  • Understand Algebra 1 concepts;
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills using accepted Algebra vocabulary; and
  • Demonstrate comprehension and mastery of skills in Algebra 1 level mathematics.

This is a one-year course.

.5 Mathematics per semester (#02054 Algebra I part 2)
MWF AM part 2, 90 minutes each class (Portland Street)
Fishing I, II & III
9 - 12
William Hughes
This class will teach you how to catch, prepare and consume local hatchery trout. Beginning students will learn with bait rods, and advanced students will have the option to learn the art of fly fishing. We will study native fish, local aquatic insects, fly tying, fishing literature, and film. Students will also understand and demonstrate what it means to be an "ethical fisherman." Expect many mornings spent along the Willamette River, rain or shine.
.4 Elective (+18306 Aquaculture) .4 Physical Education (08001 Physical Education)
TTh AM, 3 hour class (Yurt)
Field Biology 2
Wendy McKenzie
Explore Eugene’s great outdoors and learn its plants and animals. This course will cover the fundamentals of life science from cells to ecosystems with an emphasis on projects and experiments. Restoration ecology will give purpose to the class and help restore habitat for the flora and fauna of the area, from removing invasive plants to assisting with Nearby Nature’s Learnscape.
0.5 Biology #03063 Particular Topics in Biology
MWF AM & MWF PM, 3 hour classes (Yurt)
Green Worlds I & II
Wendy McKenzie
Explore science and ecology through science fiction. We will learn biology lessons for this world by reading literature depicting other worlds and alternate realities. We will begin with a film unit covering many scientific concepts like genetic manipulation, plant structure, and population growth. Reading selections will include Speaker for the Dead, as well as other short stories and an independent reading assignment. Students who sign up for this course must enjoy reading. The class will also regularly hike, bike and explore in all kinds of weather.
0.4 Language Arts and 0.4 Science #01065 Literature of a Theme & +03062 Conceptual Biology
TTh PM, 3 hour class (Portland Street)
Life in Pre-Algebra
7 -12
Denise Velasco
Decimals, Fractions, percents. oh my! PreAlgebra is a course between arithmetic and Algebra. PreAlgebraic concepts come in handy even in real life. They help you calculate bills, order food, and complete other routine tasks. Some of the topics we will cover are integers, the distributive property, solving equations, writing equations, powers, and exponents. This is a one-year course, but students may enter mid-year.
(No math credit) Math #02051 Pre-Algebra
MWF AM part 2 & MWF pm part 1, 90 minute classes (Portland Street)
Computer Programming and National Parks: Americas Best Idea
Max Skorodinsky & Denise Velasco

First Half:

Got Game? Introduction to Computer Programming I & II

In this class we will learn the fundamentals of computer programming by implementing a series of games. As we design, code and test our games, we will also learn the basic skills needed to complete projects successfully in the software development industry and projects in general. We will practice defining a project, breaking it into small parts, planning, tracking progress, getting stuff done, testing, delivering finished pieces, etc. We will work individually and in groups, and engage different skill sets and strengths. There will be opportunities to contribute in different ways: designing, writing code, testing, managing, etc. For the last project in the class, students will design and implement a game of their own creation.

4 Elective (+10152 Computer Programming)
TTh AM part 1, 90 minute class (Portland Street)
Second Half:

National Parks: Americas Best Idea

The National Park Service has been called Americas greatest university without walls. It includes many of the worlds most magnificent landscapes, a rich diversity of plant and animal life, some of the finest examples of American culture, and historic objects and places that reflect some of the important events in American history. Explore these parks virtually, speak with a park ranger and find out why Denise wears her dorky hat with all of those pins.

0.4 elective #04049 Geography
TTh AM part 2 90 minute class (Portland Street)
$25 for field trip support
Occupy This!
Max Skorodinsky
In this class we will explore social/environmental justice sites like Kiva (, KickStarter, Free Rice (, Watsi ( We will also explore how social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc impact the social/environmental justice movement and our exposure to current historic events. We will look at the impact technology has on non-profit organizations and explore how a specific non-profit organization can benefit from an increased investment in technology, including establishing a social media presence.
0.4 Social Studies & 0.4 Language Arts ( #04305 Social Studies & #01103 Composition)
TTh PM, 3 hour class (Portland Street)
Personal Health
Denise Velasco
Personal Health emphasizes the importance of knowledge, attitudes, and practices relating to personal health and wellness. This is a course designed to expose students to a broad range of issues and information relating to the various aspects of personal health. The information and skills necessary for making informed and healthful decisions to promote wellness will be discussed with an emphasis on self responsibility.
.25 Health #08051 Health Education
MWF PM, Part 2, 90 minute class (Portland Street)
Street Law 2: A Course in Practical Law
10 - 12
Tom Coppolino
In this class students will learn about the law, democracy, and human rights in an accessible, engaging, and interactive way. Their understanding of practical law will empower them to become active, law-savvy contributors to their community. We will examine the constitutional rights of students and teachers, and gain an understanding of practical law through “real-life” lessons and insights. This is a one-year course, but students may enter mid-year.
.5 Social Studies credits per semester (Particular Topics in Law +04166)
MWF PM part 1, 90 minute class (Portland Street)
Urban Ecology
William Hughes
Take a whole systems approach to life and help create a healthier way of living in Lane County. As a student of urban ecology, you will work side by side with Walama Restoration Project, Nearby Nature, University of Oregon, and Food For Lane Countys Grassroots Garden. Through these unique experiences, you will play a major role in the future of our community. The coursework will consist of lecture, discussions, journal entries, community presenters, films and hands-on projects. This class is for motivated students who are interested in exploring and restoring the ecology of our urban setting.
.2 Health (+08053 Community Health) .2 Elective (72105 Values Clarification) .4 Physical Education (08001 Physical Education)
TTh PM 3 hour class (Tuesdays meet downtown, Thursdays meet at the Yurt)
Ultimate Frisbee
William Hughes
This course will focus on the game of Ultimate Frisbee. Students will be able to create and enhance their disc skills on the field. Skills include structure of the game, rules, throwing the disc, catching the disc and catching on the run. Students will also learn team sportsmanship and leadership skills. This is a very physically demanding class. We will be running games the majority of the class. Rain or Shine.
.5 Physical Education (code 08002 Team Sports)
MWF AM 1st half, 90 minute class (Portland Street)
Urban Hiking
William Hughes
Explore beautiful and scenic Eugene. This course will consist of hiking to Eugene’s green spaces. This class will also have the opportunity to use the NCS van to hike both Spencer’s Butte and Mt. Pisgah. Students are encouraged to use their phones and or cameras to take photos of our explorations. We will be hiking in all weather conditions, student are required to be dressed with proper clothing and footwear.
.5 Physical Education (code 08001 Physical Education)
MWF PM 2nd half 90 minute class (Portland Street)
Algebra II
9-12 Prerequisite: Must have passed Algebra 1
Breckon Neat
This is the standard high school Algebra course. We will cover analytic geometry and systems of equations as well as quadratic, exponential and logarithmic equations. Topics are chosen to help students meet Oregons educational standards but with a focus on mathematical modeling and critical reasoning.
0.5 Mathematics
MWF pm, Part 1, 1.5 hours (Portland St.)
9-12 Prerequisite: must have passed Algebra 1
Breckon Neat
This is the standard high school Geometry course. We will cover advanced topics in both Euclidean and analytic geometry, as well as give an introduction to formal logic and proofs. Topics are chosen to help students meet Oregons educational standards but with a focus on reveling the connections between geometric and algebraic reasoning. This is a required course for graduation.
0.5 Mathematics
MWF pm, part 2, 1.5 hours (Portland St.)
Independent Living
Amber Carrell
The big world beyond school awaits, and one day youll need to manage your own affairs. Learn how to make it on your own. In this course, youll take on topics like applying for a job, interviewing effectively, finding a place to live, managing a bank account, shopping for a loan or mortgage and how to create a budget. Students will conduct in depth career research, as part of new diploma requirements. This course will entail applying detailed written and communication skills and engaging in 40 hours internship in a field of career interest. Students must pass this class in order to graduate.
.8 Career Development per semester
Tu/Th pm, 3 hour class (Portland St.)
Math Lab
Breckon Neat
The math lab is for students who need or want additional time and instruction in mathematics in order to meet their educational goals. This may be because they are trying to pass the standardized tests or needing additional math credits in order to meet graduation requirements, or because they are studying advanced topics in mathematics beyond the scope of our normally offered courses. The math lab is for independent study and does not have “lessons” in a traditional sense. Instead students work to achieve their goals with support from the instructor.
0.5 Elective
MWF AM, Part 1, 90 minute class (Portland Street)

Peace Village

1445 Willamette Street

Yoga, Tea and Poetry
9 - 12
Jami Teran

YTP explores language as a vehicle for creativity, reflection, self expression and as a tool for positive change. Creativity arises naturally in states of stillness and presence and we will playfully integrate yoga, breath and meditation to access inspired states of artistic expression.

Over tea, we will journal, write, create and share our experiences as well as publish our collective works online.

4 Language Arts (#01052) and .4 P.E. (+08001) per semester
MWF PM PM, 3 hour class (Peace Village)
(dis) Connect
9 - 12
Jami Teran
This course will examine important questions about how the Internet is transforming the experience of teens and explore both the creative potential and the genuine risks of this new dimension of our cultural environment. Students will analyze multiple perspectives on social networking, personal broadcasting, cyber-bullying and the endless barrage of advertisement aimed at teen-age consumers. We will also pursue alternative methods of connecting to the world around us by expanding our self-awareness and by practicing presence. We will liberate our phones and unplug from the matrix for brief periods of time. It can be done!
.5 Language Arts (#01065) .5 P.E. (+08001)
MWF AM, 3 hour class (Peace Village)
Storytelling Laboratory! An Exploration into the Narrative of Self
9 - 12
Brie Huling
This course will be an amalgamation of many aspects of storytelling, including written, oral, visual, movement, an inquiry into history of the self and more. Through creative writing, literature analysis, community service, theater play, and group discussions, students will begin to investigate and rewrite their own stories. We will use the breath and body of yoga to delve deeper inside the body’s story. Students will have the opportunity to hold space for each other as they learn to express and listen effectively to themselves and the universe around them.
.8 (+04255) Language Arts per semester #01104 Creative Writing
TTh AM - 3 hour class (Peace Village)